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    Is the Response.Expires command cross-browser compatiable???<BR><BR>TIA!

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    Thanks for the question !<BR>I actually thought that this was browser independent, but on consulting the "HTML Reference Library Ver 4.0", I found the following ( which leads me to beleive that Expires may be IE-specific. ) If anyone knows otherwise please let me know.<BR><BR>Also, Internet Explorer supports a mechanism known as pragma no-cache, using the &#060;META&#062; element to prevent pages from being cached by the browser. Using this method, you can prevent the page that contains the HTML from being cached by the browser, ensuring that the most recent version of the page is always seen by the user. This is especially useful for pages that may be dynamically created (for instance, search query results, or database searches). To take advantage of this mechanism, use the EXPIRES keyword, together with a date that has already past. For example : <BR><BR>&#060;META HTTP-EQUIV="Expires" CONTENT="Mon, 06 Jan 1990 00:00:01 GMT"&#062; <BR>In this case, the browser will be made to believe that the document expired on the 6th January 1990 and so, will not cache the page. For more information, see the HTTP 1.1 specification details at <BR>

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