I have two separate pages that both need cookies and different expiration dates.<BR>I write the cookies like this:<BR><BR>Polls Page-<BR> Response.Cookies("Voted") = "Yes"<BR> Response.Cookies("Voted").Expires = DateAdd("d",1,Date)<BR><BR>WorkRequest Page-<BR> Response.Cookies("WorkRequest")("FirstName") = FirstName<BR> Response.Cookies("WorkRequest")("LastName") = LastName<BR> Response.Cookies("WorkRequest")("Phone") = Phone<BR> Response.Cookies("WorkRequest")("EMail") = EMail<BR> For Each cookie in Response.Cookies<BR> Response.Cookies(cookie).Expires = now()+365<BR> Next<BR><BR>Now, these both write to the same cookie file, but need to expire at diferent times, and they don&#039t.<BR>The polls page needs to expire at the end of the day<BR>And the WorkRequest page needs to expire in 365 days.<BR>Well the polls never expires.<BR><BR>Is there something I can do different to make the polls cookie expire at a different time then the WorkRequest cookie??<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated<BR><BR>Kevin<BR>