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    J.H.Holliday Guest

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    I will try to describe my problem to the best of my ability. I have this page, it contains a text field, a button, and a selection list. The selection list is ASP-generated from a database. The user can select an entry from the selection list, click on the button, and the value of the selection list will appear in the text field. Everything works perfectly under Microsoft IE, but when Netscape browser is used, the value "NULL" is returned, instead of the actual value of the selected entry. <BR><BR>It is not a coding problem, since everything looks fine when I go view the source code (under Netscape), I am guessing it has something to do with the way Netscape browser refreshes or caches data? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Im my experience, you need to qualify object references more in Netscape (NS) than in Internet Explorer (IE), eg:<BR><BR>In IE you might get away with form1.selField.value<BR>In NS you might need document.form1.selField.value<BR><BR>Also in IE form1.selField.value will return the value of selField, but in NS you might need to loop through selField&#039s options to determine which one is selected.<BR><BR>When you you press the button which transfers the value to the text field, take a look at the NS status bar and see if it indicated an error. NS does not pop up an error box when javascript causes an error. If the status bar indicates an error, you will need to type "javascript:" in the address bar, and this will bring up the java console, which may give you a clue to what is goin wrong.

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    J.H.Holliday Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Thank you for responding. After playing with it a little more, I think you just might be right: Under Netscape browser I&#039d need to loop through the selection list&#039s options to determine which on is selected. I know this is a JavaScript question, but can you explain a little bit how that is accomplished or point me to the right direction? Thanks much.

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    If you go to the netscape site, in the developers section there is Clientside JavaScript Userguide and Reference, both in PDF format.<BR><BR>HTML Reference Library 4.0 ( has a good of DHTML and JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM).<BR><BR>MSDN CD or MSDN Online (, has a lot of JavaScript help (although it does have an IE slant).<BR><BR>

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