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    I have a asp page that if a user doen&#039t exist goes to a new user create page. I&#039m trying to get this process to run in a new window and when complete close that window, so that the user is still at the original page they entered from. I can&#039t find a good way to do this and since I&#039ve been involved in ASP for about a week, I figure it&#039s time to ask for help. Thanks

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    First you include a target attribute in the link to the add user page:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="newuser.html" target="newwin"&#062;New User&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>newuser.html would be a form for the user details, and it would open in a new window. When submit, it would pass the results to your asp page to add to database, validate etc. In the body tag of the asp page you would add an onload attribute:<BR><BR>&#060;body language=javascript onload="window.close();"&#062;<BR><BR>When the asp page is finished processing and it is returned to the browser, it should close, due to the window.close command.<BR>

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