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    Scott Simmons Guest

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    We&#039ve created an Access database on an NT Server & have built a form using Front Page 2000 in order to update the database. However, when we enter the information into the form and click "Submit", we get the confirmation screen, but no information has been added to the database. We do get a connection to the database, but for some reason we can&#039t update the database. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what am I missing? Thank you.<BR>

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    Bookie Guest

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    You can look at the ASP Wizard 2000 by Microsoft. I have installed it on our web server at Also, make sure you are posting to a database rather than a text file. If you&#039ve done this, make sure you establish which input boxes are being sent to the correct fields in the database. Lastly, are you trying to do an update or adding a new record? --

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