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    I execute a stored Procedure in SqlServer which returns more than one record. I have an asp page which displays the first record and also has previous and next buttons. I have read over and over again that putting the Recordset on the session is a bad thing. But doing so increases response time atleast in this case when trying to fetch the next record, since I already have the recordset. <BR><BR>If I do not put the recordset in the session, on clicking the next or previous I have to reexecute the query and find the record in the recordset and then do the previous or next. Is there any other place to store the recordset? Say I have a disconnected recordset. Or anyother technique to do the same?<BR><BR>

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    I had this same problem and what I did to correct it was to create an invisible frame on the page and pass all the data from the recordset into it and put it all into a javascript array. That way when you use thee previous or next buttons, you can just refresh the data with the values from the array rather than querying the database every time.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if this is the best way to handle the problem, but it was the best I was able to come up with. Hope it helps.

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