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    I execute a stored Procedure in SqlServer which returns more than one record. I have an asp page which displays the first record and also has previous and next buttons. I have read over and over again that putting the Recordset on the session is a bad thing. But doing so increases response time atleast in this case when trying to fetch the next record, since I already have the recordset. <BR><BR>If I do not put the recordset in the session, on clicking the next or previous I have to reexecute the query and find the record in the recordset and then do the previous or next. Is there any other place to store the recordset? Say I have a disconnected recordset. Or anyother technique to do the same?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    SPG Guest

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    Not that it&#039s a good idea yet, but you could do a .getRows on your recordset into a session-level array so that you&#039ve got a relatively slim array (instead of a clunky ADODB object) gnawing on your resources.<BR><BR>I&#039m not saying it&#039s the best idea, I&#039m just saying that it&#039s generally better than stashing an open recordset somewhere.

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    There is an excellent article in FourGuys that covers this. It uses a SQL stored Procedure.<BR><BR>The title of the article is something like "Paging through recordsets". It will solve your problm..<BR><BR>good luck

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