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    Rob Speicher Guest

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    Great.<BR><BR>Next question: Is there a way to determine the artist and songname from an mp3 filename if all of them are named in a similar fassion, like:<BR><BR>(artist)-songname<BR><BR>So artist is everything inbetween () and song is everything after )- (to avoid errors from artists with hypenated names)

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    Goran D. Stevanovic Guest

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    Use InStr(string1, string2) function, where string1 would be an original MP3 string, and string2 would be either "(" or ")". This function would return the positions. Now it would be easy to use Right() or Left() function to get Name or Author.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR>

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    highpitch Guest

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    how about access ID3 tag in a mp3 file? Can this be done? I know C++, Java and VB. I desperately need some help on this.

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