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    I have this field in my db that has positive and negative values and i want to make any value that has a - red to make it stick out. Would I need another if statement to recreate that with some vbscript?<BR><BR>Matt

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    &#060;%<BR>if fNumber &#060; 0 then<BR> response.write("&#060;font colro=""red""&#062;" & fNumber & "&#060;/font&#062;")<BR>else<BR> response.write(fNumber)<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;<BR>This should work in theory but I haven&#039t tried it...

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    I would imagine you would add an if statement right before you use the variable in your display code. Just before your write it ask if negative and add &#060;font color="red"&#062; before what you were going to print.

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