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    Applications Engineer<BR>Senior 90-130k-OPEN<BR>New York City<BR>Immediate <BR><BR>Purpose<BR>The Applications Engineer is responsible for all programming-related activities on the project team to which he/she is assigned. The Applications Engineer&#039s responsibilities include project planning, technical design and specifications, programming, testing, and documentation for Web-based applications.<BR><BR>Essential Job Functions<BR>1. Full lifecycle development for Web-based applications, from planning through documentation and ongoing maintenance<BR>2. Works on a variety of Web-based applications, including site development and updates/improvements, commerce solutions, business-to-business applications, and integration with existing non-Web based applications or data<BR>3. Identifies applications engineering project scope and provides work estimates to Account managers and/or Project Managers/Engineers<BR>4. Works with Project Managers/Engineers and Senior Applications Engineers to develop functional and technical specifications as needed<BR>5. Works with Director of New Technologies and/or Director of Applications Engineering to identify appropriate tools and technologies for development<BR>6. Reviews functional design and interface with designers and usability experts early in development phase and ensures that application&#039s functionality supports intended design<BR>7. Programs the applications, using identified tools and technologies <BR>8. Develops test plans, including unit and systems testing; works with QA team as necessary to execute some or all aspects of the test plans<BR>9. Works according to identified project objectives, budget and timeline; meets established deadlines<BR>10. Considers applications&#039 maintenance requirements during development phase; based on maintenance needs, may create administration tools for client use or for **** use<BR>11. Works closely with and constantly communicates with all members of the project team, including Project Managers/Engineers, User-Centered Design Specialists, Designers, QA team, Systems Architects, and Hosting Operations team to ensure all aspects of the project have been considered and implemented according to plan<BR>12. Mentors Associate Applications Engineers as assigned; provides performance appraisal input to group manager or director<BR><BR>Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities<BR>1. Core Competency<BR>· Able to develop a variety of Web-based applications independently, from the ground up, and using appropriate technologies<BR>· Able to create and follow accurate project estimates for small to mid-sized projects; able to participate in development of project estimates for large-scale projects; <BR>· Able to understand client objectives and project goals and create appropriate technical solutions to meet them<BR>· Able to understand complexities and requirements of clients&#039 other systems/data and effectively integrate them with Web-based solutions<BR>· Can consult effectively with User-Centered Design Specialists, Designers and Digital Artists to determine how planned design impacts application development and to ensure that production elements are created properly<BR>· Skilled in the development of reusable, flexible, accurate, well-documented code for multiple platforms and browser versions<BR>· Skilled in the development of strong, efficient databases<BR>· Has extensive knowledge of server and client side programming<BR>· Able to create effective test plans and execute some or all portions of the test plan<BR>· Able to create clear and detailed documentation<BR>· Able to effectively teach development standards to Associate Application Engineers<BR><BR>· Proficiency with the following languages, tools, technologies:<BR>· NT operating systems<BR>· MS Visual InterDev<BR>· HTML<BR>· ASP<BR>· SQL Server<BR>· SQL<BR>· Visual Basic<BR>· VBScript<BR>· JavaScript<BR><BR>· Developing Expertise with the following languages, tools, technologies:<BR>· Microsoft Commerce Server<BR>· Microsoft Transaction Server<BR>· C++<BR>· Oracle<BR>· DHTML<BR>· Java<BR>· ODBC, ADO<BR>· COM (component object model) and/or Microsoft DCOM, Unix CORBA<BR><BR>2. Teamwork<BR>· Uses appropriate interpersonal skills to develop productive associations<BR>· Respects the contributions of others and the value they bring to ****<BR>· Takes responsibility for the project and proactively supports the to ensure that project objectives are met<BR>· Places team goal above individual goals<BR>· Maintains a positive attitude, evident in the way he/she works with others<BR>· Understands sensitive nature of some communications and maintains confidentiality<BR>· Recognizes and communicates contributions of others<BR>· Helps others accomplish goals even if not directly related to own work<BR>· Proactively recommends ways to improve group or team performance<BR>· Able to build team consensus and motivate team members to excel<BR>· Ensures that project debriefs occur and that feedback is communicated to functional managers appropriately<BR>· Determines and communicates resource needs<BR><BR>3. Communication<BR>· Clearly articulates thoughts<BR>· Makes complex understandable and straightforward<BR>· Writes professionally, with clearly articulated point of view to drive others to action<BR>· Actively leads and participates in meetings, listening attentively for content and context of message<BR>· Shares knowledge with others and seeks out knowledge that can be gained from others. <BR> 4. Professionalism<BR>· Resourceful, self-starter<BR>· Demonstrates consistent reliability and dependability<BR>· Determines and prioritizes tasks in order to meet deadlines<BR>· Possesses integrity and displays professionalism<BR>· Values the work and has a passion for it<BR>· Delivers clear and distinct instructions<BR>· Takes the time and makes the effort to think through situations, but knows when to ask for help and is comfortable doing so<BR>· Thinks creatively and solves problems<BR>· Resolves issues directly and exhibits maturity<BR>· Uses good judgment; makes reasonable and appropriate decisions<BR>· Maintains confidences; obtains approval before disclosing to others<BR>· Identifies problems and proactively resolves it<BR>· Remains calm and demonstrates diplomacy while resolving conflicts<BR><BR>5. Work Management<BR>· Participates in multiple projects simultaneously; manages activities of multiple projects and teams<BR>· Maintains a high level of productivity within established project time frame and coordinates activities of others<BR>· Schedules and facilitates meetings on time; creates appropriate agendas and documents action plans <BR>· Completes timely and accurate time reports; completes timely and accurate expense reports<BR>· Follows established company policies<BR><BR>6. Client Service<BR>· Understands clients&#039 business and industry<BR>· Establishes credibility as valuable contributor<BR>· Demonstrates a commitment to providing world class services<BR>· Exhibits effective client management skills <BR>· Constantly strives to deliver significant value for client<BR><BR>Education and Experience<BR>· BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience<BR>One or more years experience in full lifecycle application development capacity; Web-based experience preferred<BR><BR>-- <BR>Beau Gould - President<BR>NYC-Search<BR><BR><BR>

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    For a great listserv for posting job descriptions, check out:<BR>

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