C++ vs. VB vs. Java in component design

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Thread: C++ vs. VB vs. Java in component design

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    Does anyone know where I can get an idea of the differences in performance/devTime of ActiveX components written in either C++, VB, or Java.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Brian T. Rhee Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I don&#039t have an actualy web site for you to go to but I can give <BR>you an idea of the differences between VC++ and VB when creating a couple of components.<BR><BR>I have taken a Software Engineering course back in college that allowed me to predict how long it would take to write a certain amount of code, given past coding times and complexity of program. Basically, it is a personal regression analysis. The overall process itself is called a PPT(Personal Process Time).<BR><BR>One of the things I found in my PPT as the regression equation became more complex was that developing something in VC++ took me almost four times as as oppossed to developing in VB, in addition the lines of code was nearly 1/6 in length. One component that I wrote was a sort, search and closest match component.<BR><BR>The two programs written used similar quicksort and binary search algorithms. However, the main difference between the two were the ways I needed to connect to the information. VB has some really nicely laid out ActiveX controls and reference API&#039s. I didn&#039t have to worry about pointers and memory allocation for VB. The other things which I didn&#039t need were the numerouse MFC&#039s I needed to interact in with VC++ and also the different debugging methods between the two.<BR><BR>Although the complexity of creating the component in VC++ was arduous one added benefit that I saw wa that the speed of the component was slightly faster than the VB component. Although I didn&#039t do an explicit performance tests or count clock cycles used for each operation. Also, C++ gives a little added flexibility when producing something you need to function in a little more narrow way thatn what VB can offer.<BR><BR>I have never developed any Java Servlets before, so I can&#039t comment on what may be the added benefits of producing a component in Java would be like. But my advice to almost all developers is that if you need something done quick and in a RAD fashion then VB is the way to go. If you have the time and patience, then go with VC++. To tell you the truth I don&#039t think there is anything C++ can do that VB can&#039t. A couple of my co-workers have been working with some VC++ components that can kill system process and install services. I thought you couldn&#039t do this with VB, but with a little research on the web and the msdn network, I found ways to do it!!!<BR><BR>You just gotta figure out what you need to do and then set a paradigm for yourself on which platform you are going to use.<BR><BR>Blave

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    Damien O'Hara Guest

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    This should be labelled "How long is a piece of string". At the end of the day you should choose to develop your components in the languare you are most familiar with for the following reasons.<BR><BR>1. Time to develop component will be faster.<BR>2. Less chance of bugs being introduced as a result of inexperience<BR>3. Component code produced will be more efficient (efficient coding techniques)<BR><BR>If you are new to all development languages, then I would choose the language which has the greatest developer base and examples. I believe that to be VB.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Damien O&#039Hara<BR>Damien<BR>

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