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    Please help me on this__<BR>I need to download a file as soon as a user clicks a button on the web page.<BR>Can anyone please tell me about opening a dialog box(asking the path on user&#039s machine where the file would be saved).I&#039m working on this using ASP.<BR><BR>Kind regards.<BR>Sudhir.

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    Actually, you can&#039t do that with only ASP/HTML.<BR>What you can do is have a button on the page that is a link to the file you want to download. When the user clicks this button the navigator will ask the user what to do with the file accordingly to the file&#039s extension.<BR>You could do a beeter job using some Java Applet that runs on the client side. But that&#039s a completely different matter.<BR><BR>

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    If u find out how to do this please let me know... My current solution has the user browsing the directory with files to download.. then they can do a right click and save to save it if it.. unless it is a asp page.. then they can not save... im currently using the filesystemobject.. I want to be able to download asp from my directory.... If Anyone can give me more info on how to do this or where to look to find out that would be great.... <BR><BR>Michael J. Elwood

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