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    Chris Lundquist Guest

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    I am trying to display text from a sql db into textboxes but the text gets cut off at the first space in the string. If I use response.write it displays the whole thing. How do I get it to do that in the text boxes? Here are two lines that illustrate my problem:<BR><BR>cut off: &#060;input type=text name=txtLocation value=&#060;%=rstEmployee("vchLocation")%&#062;&#0 62;<BR><BR>whole: &#060;%Response.Write rstEmployee("vchLocation")%&#062;

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    Try this,<BR><BR>&#060;input type=text name=txtLocation value="&#060;%=rstEmployee("vchLocation")%&#062;"& #062;<BR>

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    Chris Lundquist Guest

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    Thanks a lot. That did it.

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