Hi, I have a script that runs every night on my own machine. It creates a comma-delimited file containing changes that I have made to my own db during the day. Then I manually upload the file to the webserver and a script updates the database at the isp. That works great, But...<BR><BR>I need to upload the file automatically instead of manually! I haven&#039t succeeded so far! <BR><BR>The webserver has the "AS fileupload" installed and my own computer is running PWS with ASPTear installed. I tried to use these two components to get the job done, but it wont work, my guess is that Asptear don&#039t get the ENCTYPE="MULTIPART/FORM-DATA" right. AS Fileupload need it! <BR><BR>Can anyone plz give me a hint. Either if this problem can be solved or there another way to get the job done... Thanks