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    I have a checkbox which is permantly disabled so users cannot change the value within it. However the value within it changes when another checkbox is changed. I have found out that When trying to read the value from the box in asp it always tells me it is off even when it is on. Is there a way around this?

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    Show code. As stated, the problem makes no sense.<BR><BR>It sounds to me like you have two checkboxes with the same name, but that&#039s a pure guess. "My car isn&#039t running." gas? key in ignition? turned on? hit a tree!<BR><BR>Code, code, code. Please.<BR><BR>Incidentally, I hope you are aware that the "disabled" keyword in a form item *DOES NOT WORK* in Netscape and other browsers. It is peculiar to MSIE. If you need your page(s) to work on anything but MSIE, you need to use another technique.<BR><BR>

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