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    Does a lot of INNER JOINS effect performance a lot?<BR>I have normalized my database to the 3rd form but now I get al lot (like 5+) INNER JOINS in some SELECT statements.

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    SPG Guest

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    Well, how used are the statements with the joins? If 5+ inner joins are the cornerstone of your web application which every visitor will be thrice per visit, then denormalize! There&#039s no way you can make up for that kind of a performance sap.<BR><BR>Otherwise, you&#039re probably making up for the joins by ensuring that your very-used queries don&#039t have to sort through all of the rows which would be caused by non-normalized statemtents.<BR><BR>My suggestion is to figure out which queries are the most common (try to get it down to one or two), and de-normalize your database based on the Joins used in those. That should improve performance -- at the cost of certain database features which you may not have been using anyway.

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    James Cates Guest

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    Or simply use ADO 2.x Data Shaping as explained at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I think it may alleviate some of the pain in the cases<BR>where you cannot de-normalize.

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