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    I have the following problem. I have an intranet site that runs inside a firewall on IIS on a NT network. I am using some ASP script to check they are logged onto the network by checking the server variable AUTH_USER. I have discovered that a group of people will be accessing the site from outside of the firewall, so I thought that I could check the AUTH_USER server variable and if it is blank then force a manual log on to the site, because the firewall does something to the authentication. The problem is that it seems to be all or nothing with IIS. If anybody has the faintest idea what I am talking about some help would be appreaciated. cheers

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    Would it not be easier just to set your directory security to require authentication via NTCR (Integrated Windows logon or some such in IIS5)? That&#039s what it&#039s for, after all.

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