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    Default pl. answer for the questions?

    &nbsp;<BR>1.<BR> Server.MapPath("..") <BR><BR> What would the above code accomplish? <BR><BR>Choice 1. It would return the virtual path name of the root directory of the web server.<BR>Choice 2. It would set the current virtual directory to parent of current virtual directory.<BR>Choice 3. It would return the virtual path name for the parent of current physical directory.<BR>Choice 4. It would return the physical path name for the current virtual directory.<BR>Choice 5. It would return the physical path name for the parent of the current virtual directory.<BR><BR> 2. Using VBScript, which of the following Scripting Object(s) is NOT available from scrrun.dll? <BR><BR>Choice 1. TextStream<BR>Choice 2. Dictionary Object<BR>Choice 3. Err Object<BR>Choice 4. FileSystemObject<BR>Choice 5. All are available from scrrun.dll.<BR><BR>3. How long is a sessionID guaranteed to be unique? <BR><BR>Choice 1. Only until the web server is restarted.<BR>Choice 2. Only until the session expires, then it can be reissued to another client.<BR>Choice 3. It is unique per client. A client cannot have two sessions with the same sessionID.<BR>Choice 4. It is unique for the web server, whether it is restarted or not.<BR>Choice 5. It is like a GUID in that it is for any web server at any time.<BR><BR>4. Sample Code<BR> &#060;% <BR> Connection.Open "DSN=pubs;" <BR> %&#062; <BR> In the above code, how is the physical location of the database determined? <BR>Choice 1. By the ADO command object.<BR>Choice 2. By the data provider.<BR>Choice 3. By the database TCP/IP address.<BR>Choice 4. By OLE DB datasource.<BR>Choice 5. By the configuration of the ODBC datasource.<BR><BR>5. Which choice will cause the Session.OnEnd event handler to fire? <BR>Choice 1. When the session times out.<BR>Choice 2. When the client opens another browser instance.<BR>Choice 3. When the client goes to another page in the site.<BR>Choice 4. If the IIS service is paused.<BR>Choice 5. When the client closes the browser.<BR><BR>6. Which data items CANNOT be accessed by ActiveX Data Objects? <BR>Choice 1. E-mail systems<BR>Choice 2. File systems<BR>Choice 3. Text files<BR>Choice 4. Existing ODBC data sources<BR>Choice 5. Server logs<BR>7. Set Application("objIT") =<BR> Server.CreateObject("SOME.Object") <BR><BR>The code above instantiates an objIT object in which collection? <BR><BR>Choice 1. Server.Contents collection<BR>Choice 2. Server.Objects collection<BR>Choice 3. Application.StaticObjects collection<BR>Choice 4. Application.Objects collection<BR>Choice 5. Application.Contents collection<BR><BR>8. Error<BR><BR>"ADO could not find the object in the collection corresponding to the name or ordinal reference requested by the application" <BR> <BR>What is the most likely cause of the error shown above when displaying contents from a recordset? <BR><BR>Choice 1. Too many concurrent users accessing database.<BR>Choice 2. ODBC datasource does not exist.<BR>Choice 3. Table field does not exist.<BR>Choice 4. Database is locked.<BR>Choice 5. Database does not exist<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default why don't you figure out urself, you lazy a??.


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    Default Is this a test???

    Is this a ligitimate post???, Or are you quizzing us?<BR><BR>J

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    Skippie Guest

    Default This IS this a test!!!

    Why would someone take the time to write this if it wasn&#039t?<BR>It&#039s obvious a take home exam.<BR><BR>Do us all a favor...<BR><BR>A) Select 1 for all the answers.<BR><BR>B) Submit the exam.<BR><BR>C) Go to the Hudson River and jump in!<BR><BR>-- Skippie

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