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    Hugo Rune Guest

    Default Just installed PWS

    I am a complete beginner but I can&#039t seem to get PWS working. The problem is that I can&#039t seem to access any of my files that I have put into the default home directory C:Inetpubwwwroot using the address http://TWLECKUJ which I believe is the virtual directory name for the latter directory path. The strange thing is that I can access other files that were created using the web page wizard using the &#039http://TWLECKUJ&#039. The error I get is the standard &#039the page can not be displayed&#039 and at the very bottom of the error page it say&#039s &#039Cannot find server or DNS Error&#039 <BR>Other problems that might be causing this are :<BR>i) To access the pages on the server the browser has to in &#039Work Offline&#039 mode or it will not display any files on the PWS sever.<BR>ii) In the network item in the Control Panel there is supposed to be a option to name the computer but all that appears is a single tab which is labelled &#039Configuration&#039 and contains such things as Dial up adapter, TCP/IP etc and a box with the title Primary Network Logon: which contains &#039Windows Logon&#039. If any one can help me I would be gratefull as this is quite urgent

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    Dheyr A. Guest

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    Have you tried clicking on the "advanced" button to set<BR>your default "home" directory? If you have an asp file named<BR>default PWS should pick that up once you set up your default<BR>home directory.<BR><BR>Let me know if you need further help. You can reach me at:<BR>readandlearn@my-deja.com<BR><BR>Dheyr

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