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    I have a web page containing code for selecting a machine against a duty. The user enters some parameters in a form, the code does the selection then enters the results in another part of the form.<BR>I want to hide the selection code from the users. Can I send the parameters to an ASP page containing the code, then have the ASP page send the results back to the original page?<BR>Sorry if this is obvious, but I am new to this.<BR>

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    That&#039s exactly what asp does ... all .asp scripts are processed on the server. Usually the result of this processing is some html that gets sent back to the user&#039s browser and that&#039s all they can see.<BR><BR>for example you may have two file on the server:<BR><BR>form.html - contains a form<BR>results.asp - contains code to process criteria and display results<BR><BR>Criteria is entered by the user in form.html which in turn sends the values of the form fields to results.asp. results.asp is a script that runs on the server and returns html to the client.<BR><BR>More info ..<BR><BR>FAQs & articles on this site,<BR>,<BR>,<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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