I have a canned package that outputs HTML code and uses a CGI file to run call the HTML pages. The order of the HTML pages is stored in a .DAT file which is referenced by the CGI file so it knows what page to call up next. I&#039ve added VB scripting to the HTML pages and made them ASP pages (and changed the names of these pages in the DAT file). The VB script I created runs fine if I call the page by name in the address line of the browser. But, if I use the CGI to call the pages, the VB script does not run. I&#039m using a POST METHOD command to call the CGI file which reference the DAT file.<BR>&#060;form method=POST action="http://chris/cgi-bin/qweb.cgi"&#062;<BR>Any suggestions how I can get the VB script to run properly" I need the CGI to execute to run the canned stuf.<BR>You can e-mail me at guthcj@cyberhotline.com.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>