What can be included in a Dll file?

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Thread: What can be included in a Dll file?

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    Hi<BR>I am new to component or the COM class in ASP. I have a web site designed in ASP using functions and subs. I am accessing lots of database stuff. What can i include in the functions that goes in the dll files.. Could it be anything in my old functions or does it strictly have to be something that returns a value. <BR>What i mean is that in some functions i have (response.write ("&#060;table&#062;") ) that kind of html writing stuff... can i use that function in a dll? Basically i want to hide most of my code in dll so i could give my code to others. OR is there any other ways? can you please help....<BR><BR>Thank you very much<BR><BR>Ron

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    Ron - You can do just about anything you want in a dll. If you set a reference to the Microsoft Transactions Server Type Library in your ActiveX DLL VB Project you can use the ObjectContext to get a handle to the intrinsic objects in ASP (Request, Response, Server....). That allows you to write HTML from your dll to the browser, it also allows you to read in the values they send on a form submission from inside the dll. However, think carefully before you do your UI stuff inside a component. It IS the most effective way of &#039hiding&#039 what your code does, but if you want to change it you&#039ve got to recompile the dll to change how a page it returns looks. If you return dis-connected recordsets (check out this link: http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19990701.htm) or, better yet, XML to the browser you can do your "magic" in the dll and pass HTML/XML to the browser to be formatted by script/css/xsl. That way you can change how the page looks without recompiling the dll. It&#039s classic 3-tier architecture - ASP for the User Interface, DLL&#039s for the business logic and Oracle/SQL Server/DB2/Informix/etc... for the data store.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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