Photoshop is a thief! :)

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Thread: Photoshop is a thief! :)

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    Default Photoshop is a thief! :)

    Does anyone know how to re-associate the .asp extension with MS Interdev?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I am assuming that you mean you want to double click on the .asp file and have it open in Interdev. If so this is how you can do it.<BR><BR>Open up "MyComputer", Click view from the file menu, then click options, then click the "file types" tag, then find the .asp extension from the list (the easiest way that I have found to find this is to go into a folder that has an ASP file and view the folder in detailed mode. this will give you the file type description which is what you will need to know in order to easily find the file in the list), then click edit, then select "open" then click edit, then put in the path to interdev&#039s .exe.

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