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    I&#039m trying to create a server object in my ASP code to use CDONTS. I&#039ve coded it like the articles I&#039ve seen here on the site, but I keep getting a server creation error (IE <BR><BR>Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 800401f3&#039 <BR><BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR><BR>/InvoiceConfirmation.asp, line 2 <BR><BR>800401f3 <BR><BR>Two actual questions, one where on earth do you find the error messages and what they mean. Two what am I doing wrong, my code looks like this :<BR><BR>&#060;% DIM objCDOMail %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") %&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039m running on Win98 machine using PWS. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    CDONTS (Collaboration Data Objects for Windows NT Server) is part of IIS, which runs under Windows NT.<BR><BR>Have you looked into JMail, it is a free COM oject that lets you choose a SMTP server to send mail through. It is pretty robust in nature.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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