I have a problem about asp and netscape, but this problem exist just in some PC and not in all.<BR>there is a &#060;% Response.Redirect "frame.htm" %&#062;<BR>frame.htm recall lista.asp and bar.asp<BR>IE5.0 is really ok in this, Netscape 4.7 on my PC is really ok, but some netscape browsers (4.7) on other machines are not ok.<BR>the page won&#039t change after the first time that it is downloaded correctly, I have to do a manual reload button on the browser or I have to wait about 90 seconds before clicking any other "asp"-links. After 90 seconds everything seems ok.<BR>At the beginning of all the asp pages I have:<BR>&#060;% response.buffer=true<BR>response.expires=0 %&#062;<BR>is there someone who can help me????