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    Skinny Guest

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    I know that I can&#039t call a server side COM Component from the browser. Is there a way to send a message to the server when the user clicks a button, without submitting the page or launching a new page? All I want to do is pass the server 2 parameters and have the server call a method of a COM using these 2 params. I don&#039t want the users browser to go to a different page and I don&#039t want to reload the current page. Is this possible?

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    Rob Guest

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    You could pop a and pass the url with the two variables in querystring. then close the window upon completion of the com component. That&#039s the only way I can see doing it at the moment. But I only thought of it for a few seconds =)<BR><BR>something like<BR><BR>This would be scripted from the calling page(main page)<BR>&#060;script language=&#039javascript&#039&#062;<BR>function ButtonClick()<BR> {OpenUrl = "urltoopen.asp?string1=" + document.forms[0].string1.value + "&string2=" + document.forms[0].string2.value<BR> <BR>,&#039win&#039,&#039TOP=70,LEFT =75,HEIGHT=480,WIDTH=640,toolbar=no,menubar=no,scr ollbars=yes&#039)}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>Then in your code on the called page you would have a window.close() in javascript after your code is complete.

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