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    I understand in order for the IUSR_webservername on the web server to access a \share it must have access to that share. How do I do that? I&#039ve gone into the shared folder on the other server, but I don&#039t know how to add IUSR_MyServerName to that share. I&#039m sure it&#039s very simple. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.

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    Go to the machine that has the share. Add a user (IUSR_etc) and give appropriate permissions to your share. What authentication are you using under IIS? I highly recommend the following document - quite thorough and informative...<BR><BR>http://www.asptoday.com/articles/19990526.htm<BR><BR>Good luck - see my problems logged yesterday, as you may run into similar probs too.<BR><BR>Colin Hale - hale@radiusplc.co.uk

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