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    Is it possible in SQL Server 7.0 to do a query on a query. In other words, if I have a recordset returned from a query, is it possible to query this retuned recordset to select a subset of records? If yes, how would this be done?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dave

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    One of my favorite tricks looks rather like:<BR><BR>select top 1 columnA from myTable where columnB in (select max(columnB) from myTable)<BR><BR>which gives me the ColumnA for the maximum ColumnB. <BR><BR>Relating it back to your question, if you can properly formulate how Query2 relates to Query1, then yes, it is possible to query off of a query.<BR><BR>HiH

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    Don&#039t forget you can use the Find method of the recordset object to dig out a particular file based on given criteria. This is best used on disconnected recordsets.<BR><BR>Make mine a banana sandwich. Hold the mayo.<BR><BR>I.

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