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    Yanfu Guest

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    I&#039m recieving type mismatch errors when I try to call a vb COM method from an ASP Page. All of my byref parameters are variants. Here is the function header..<BR><BR>Public Function CreateSeries (ByVal lngOrdHdrID as Long, ByVal intDOW as Integer, ByVal intFreq as Integer, ByVal datStart as Date, ByVal datExpire as Date, ByVal blnEmailReminder as Boolean, byRef vntOrdSchID as Variant, ByRef vntBrokenInst as Variant, ByRef vntNumBroken as Variant) as mylRetCode<BR><BR>and here is the ASP code I used to call the function:<BR><BR>set objRecur = Server.CreateObject("mylackey.RecurOrder")<BR>errm sg = objRecur.CreateSeries(clng(4016), 1, 1,"05/25/00", "07/20/00", false, schID, list, num)<BR><BR>vntBrokenInst is an array. The component is registered in MTS.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Rob Guest

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    This should work<BR><BR>errmsg = objRecur.CreateSeries(clng(4016), 1, 1,cdate("05/25/00"), cdate("07/20/00"), false, schID, list, num)<BR><BR>If it doesn&#039t and you are still getting the mismatch error, try cbool(false) for your boolean. <BR><BR>If you are still having problems, let me know, I&#039ll see what I can do.

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