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    Mark Guest

    Default subforms (please Help)

    I am having major problems trying to develop an asp page that lists a customer along with a separate table that lists all of their orders. <BR><BR>Does anybody know how to do this or where there is a tutorial available? I have searched every asp site and found nothing!<BR><BR><BR>Mark.

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    David Highlander Guest

    Default Do you mean...

    Do you mean you want them listed together on the same page, if so please provide me with the following information:<BR><BR>Your DSN name<BR>Your Tables names<BR>Show me at least 3 fields in each table and make sure you tell me what fields are in what table.<BR>Tell me what field name has the two tables joined together. <BR><BR>If you do that and you do want them on the same page - I can show you how.

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