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    Pats Guest

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    Hi this is pats here. I have a Prbs .. i dunno if it is a Advanced level or beginner level.. anyways.. what i have is a string and after the string ends there is a "Tab" key pressed.. am adding those strings into a table. This string is in a text file. When am adding the string i dont want the "TAB" key to be added to the Table. I used Trim, Rtrim, Replace and the chr values as well.. Right now those tab spaces are getting added to the table.. how to eliminate that? So pls help me if u can ....<BR>thanx<BR>Pats

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    SPG Guest

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    Heh, I had a similar problem a while back. Rewrote the "trim" function as "Shear". Looks kind of like<BR><BR>Function shear(strIn)<BR> Dim strOut As String, i As Integer, sChr As String<BR> <BR> strOut = StrIn<BR>&#039 LEFT<BR> sChr = Left(strOut, 1)<BR> Do While AscW(sChr) &#060; 33 Or AscW(sChr) = 160 <BR>&#039 ASCII value 33 is the first printing character -- !<BR> strOut = Mid(strOut, 2)<BR> sChr = Left(strOut, 1)<BR> Loop<BR>&#039RIGHT<BR> sChr = Right(strOut, 1)<BR> Do While AscW(sChr) &#060; 33 Or AscW(sChr) = 160<BR> strOut = Left(strOut, Len(strOut) - 1)<BR> sChr = Right(strOut, 1)<BR> Loop<BR><BR> shear = strOut<BR>End Function

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