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    Hi,<BR>I have just developed my first asp database driven site which has been running on my PWS. I want it to go live pretty soon , but don&#039t know exactly how to go about apart from ordering ntserver space from an ISP. How to I establish an ODBC connection on this site? What else do I need to do?<BR> Catherine<BR><BR>

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    This is a plug for a very good hosting company that deals with NT servers only. I have used over 5 hosting companys in the last three years. intermedia.com has to be the best yet.<BR><BR>They have several levels of service and an outstanding control panel and support. <BR><BR>You will be able to set up a dsn for your database or you can provide the path to you db in your asp. I have written a small asp that I put in the same directory as the database and run it from the browser and it return the correct path for me to add in my asp. Let me know if you would like a copy for your self(FREE).<BR><BR>If you are using access I could also provide server space for a small fee(very small). <BR><BR>My email is sales@localbizz.com.<BR><BR>

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