I only use IIS4 & Windows NT Server version 4.0 (Server pack 5) & IE5, not use InterDEV 6.0 <BR><BR>I already setup one by one step. <BR>But still could&#039t enable automatically script debug tool from IE5 script error in ASP. <BR><BR>so ,could you try to give me another answer ? <BR><BR>ps. The error is happend after I have <BR> setup WEB script in OFFICE 2000 . <BR> Maybe this error is because <BR> OFFICE 2000. I guest. <BR>---------------------------------------- <BR>1. Open the Internet Service Manager in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). <BR><BR>2. Display the Properties dialog box of the Web application you wish to remotely debug (right-click and select Properties). <BR><BR>3.Click the Configuration button, and click the App Debugging tab. <BR><BR>4.Select both the Enable ASP server-side script debugging and the Enable ASP client-side script debugging options and then click Apply. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>