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    TizEr Guest

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    What i want to do, is have check boxes where you can select multiple options. I can do this with "OR" in the SQL statement, but what i want is to have like<BR>WHERE author like TizEr or author like me AND category like category<BR><BR>(that&#039s not my actualy just go give an idea as to what i&#039m trying to accomplish)<BR><BR>if i use all "OR" in the sql statement it works, but not the way i want it. what i want is to have it so they can select multiple authors, and categories, but have it filter using the "AND" command between the two and still have the "OR" command for the seperate options, is this possible? or is there another way of achieving this?<BR><BR>thanks in advance,<BR>TizER

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    Fragile Guest

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    Tizer man<BR><BR>What you need is 3-year degree in syntactic logic. Failing that, learn to use brackets in the right places and it&#039ll work wonders for your code. Not a criticism, just a clue. Don&#039t hurt me, dude.

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