Hi, helper! I have a checklist that the user going to check off. What I want is that when the user checks off the check box, the database will automatically update the check list at the same time. For example, there is some list like...<BR><BR>chkbox1. file connection made<BR>chkbox2. file copied <BR>chkbox3. file pushed, etc...<BR><BR>These chkboxes are for just simply checking off, not like choosing one out of 3 or 4. Just like whether file connection made or not, file copied or not, file pushed or not....<BR><BR>I am using Access bty. Each field data type is Yes/No. So when the user clicks off the check box(saying the file connection made), then the field that matches with the list will be generated with YES in the database. <BR><BR>I hope it makes sense to you. Please help me!