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Thread: Internet Mail ? urgent !!!!!!!

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    When I try to use objMail.AttachFile ("C: est.html") in the NewMail object to send an attachment, an error occors. It says:<BR><BR>error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR>Unspecified error <BR><BR>It points to the line of the objMail.AttachFile.<BR>I have no idea how to fix it.<BR><BR>Anybody Knows it? Pleeease help me !!!!<BR><BR>Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>

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    I found this on the web about it...<BR>Response Object Part2 - Buffer Explanation<BR><BR>Response object error &#039ASP 0156 : 80004005&#039 <BR>Header Error <BR>whatever.asp, line # <BR>The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser. Any HTTP header modifications must be made before writing page content. <BR><BR>Does this error message plague you?<BR><BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062;<BR> needs to be added as the very first line to any pages made by any HTML document that mixes redirects and content. That line will do away with all browser complaints that "headers are already sent". Normally a page has a header --or-- text not both.<BR><BR>If the browser writes any text, you can never response.redirect because once the browser writes text it can&#039t change "horses in midstream" -- it either writes content OR redirects.<BR><BR>&#060;%response.buffer=true%&#06 2;<BR><BR>which essentially tells the browser don&#039t write anything at all until<BR>a) response.end executes thus stopping the page dead in tracks and sending to browser<BR>b) response.flush executes<BR>c) 100% of the page is executed and it finishes all the ASP and HTML.<BR>d) response.redirect is sent, that and no content or text has been sent with response.flush.<BR><BR>The only drawback to: &#060;%response.buffer=true%&#062; is if a page takes a while to compose (i.e. a couple thousand records from a database) people see nothing until the page is completely rendered. In that situation to avoid appearing as the page is dead, an occassional<BR>response.flush<BR>lets readers see portions of the page being built. We explain why BUFFER=true and flushing is the ideal way to achieve overall speed @<BR>

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