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    MySQL is apparantly much cheaper than SQL Server Internet License (which is around 3 grand). I will be running just a few databases with less than 10 tables and a total of maybe 100000 rows. I will be running Win2k Server. Will MySQL do the job? How difficult will it be for me to switch from VBScript (in my ASP) to PHP for MySQL? Or, will Jet for MSAccess work? Any comments are greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    Scott S Guest

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    Well, MySQL & PHP work fantasically together, there are many websites that use these two technologies to great success. that being said you should understand exactly what MySQL is, its a free database system, its very fast, it does not support Transactions AND it does not support Stored Procedures or Triggers. For some people this is no big deal but for others, like myself the thought of writing a database application with out transactions & stored procedures is frightening. Transactions you dont always need, but stored procedures make everything so much easier. If you dont need either of those (Stored Procedures or Transactions) then go ahead MySQL will probably work really well for you. <BR><BR>also you might consider running Apache & MySQL on a linux platform. I currently run SQL 7, iis 4, & Winnt 4. If cost is an issue, look into having your website hosted for you. I currently use innerhost.com they have packages featuring SQL Server for only $65 a month. <BR><BR>again to reiterate, MySQL is a great system that works really well for a lot of people but it doesnt have all of the features of a MS SQL Server or ORACLE, DB2.

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    Just to add to what Scott said: <BR><BR>Mysql has an ODBC driver available, so provided you can get your host to install that driver, you should be able to run MySql and stll code in ASP. <BR><BR>If cost is an issue, then as Scott said, Linux/Apache/php/MySql would be very cheap. The only significant cost would be the server licence for MySql (&#060;$200 I think).<BR><BR>PHP may be a little harder than ASP, becuase you don&#039t have the tools like MS InterDev to help with the coding.

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