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    Raja ( Guest

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    Right Now Iam working in ASP, But when I Discuss with My friends, who are working in Java.They say that Java is Platform Independant.,where The programs can be Run on any Platform&#039s like windows,Unix,etc.. Just clear my Doubt whether ASP also works in all the Platforms, That is, if i have developed an application using ASP.,in windows environment,can it be run on Unix,Linux Platform......<BR>

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    Rob Guest

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    ASP can only run on an NT server naturally.<BR>It will run on non-NT systems with chillisoft.<BR><BR><BR>java is platform independent. They are correct.<BR>But java is also<BR>- Resource intensive<BR>- slow/hard to download on slow connections<BR>- causes systems to jam<BR>- hard to lear<BR>- longer to implement<BR><BR>ASP beats java all day long for WWW Ecommerce.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    ASP is a a scripting technology. It is used to invoke Objects that have been written in other languages. eg. VB, C++, and , yes, Java.<BR><BR>Server side Java is inefficient in a windows enviroment. MS JavaMachine is an outdated package that does not support Java 1.2.<BR><BR>Java is a programming language. It has many uses besides backend web stuff.<BR><BR>Building applications on Windows NT? Write asp pages and VB/C++ COM objects.<BR><BR>Solaris, etc? JAVA.<BR>

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