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    All I got from this message board was arrogant remarks and wrong answers. 10 Minutes in my new book, Beginning ASP Databases, and all my problems were solved, questions answered. Im full scale now and finished here.<BR><BR>It covers everything from setting up PWS or IIS, gives you answers to every possible error imaginable.<BR><BR>If you&#039re sick of relying on people who know less then you, the books ISBN# is 1-861002-72-6 (Give this # to any bookstore and you&#039ll get the right book)<BR><BR>And for those of you who nick named me egg on my face... Well you were both ****ing wrong. My only problem was that I was trying to access the asp page directly rather then through http://<BR><BR>Your secret&#039s aren&#039t so secret anymore assholes. =P bite me blow me suck me, do all this while you can cause u wont be seeing me around this dumpsite of bad info. Muahahahahaa

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    Tsk Tsk Tsk Guest

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    Wow. <BR><BR>I, too, would be proud to have the initiative to find out answers on my own -- as I have. I have spent hundreds of dollars to create my very own reference library. Every serious programming has/should. <BR><BR>But, I take offense to you posting this notice across &#039broad&#039 channels. I for one have not called you Egg Face nor would I do such a thing. <BR><BR>It would be very unprofessional.<BR><BR>How about an apology to all those who are professionals?<BR><BR>

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    agreed.<BR><BR>you can&#039t learn everything from a single book or collection of books when it really comes down to it. Though, any serious developer should be reading up from a wide range of sources to support their questions and inevitable problems.<BR><BR>what you get from communities like these is working experience from a mixed bag of individuals. some good, some bad.<BR><BR>respect that and it in turn will respect you.<BR>blasting out such offense and unproffesionalism only sheds light on your character - shame on you! :)

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    I add my agreement to the two comments above me. Perhaps Ross should consider helping those that are new to this (like he was before buying his new book) with problems like his own. A few proverbs come to mind Ross <BR>1) Beggars can&#039t be choosers <BR>2) You get what you pay for <BR>3) Don&#039t throw the baby out with the bath water<BR>and last but certainly not least from Sunday school <BR>4) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. <BR><BR>

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    Jason Buck Guest

    Default I believe 4guys is the best

    I believe that 4guys is the top ASP site and you should rely on information received here. Of course free advice is never 100% accurate. Most people that post here make an honest effort to give good information.<BR><BR>I am truly sorry that you had a bad experience with 4guys, but I can only say that it is a unusual for something like that to happen. Most of the posts with the exception of your post are meant to be constructive and helpful. <BR><BR>I also believe buying a book was the wrong answer, there is more information on the web then in any book.<BR><BR>In the future check out these site and soon my site as well.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>and soon<BR><BR><BR><BR>Respectfully,<BR><BR>Jaso n Buck<BR>

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