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    Marie Guest

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    I know this is an easy one, but it&#039s got me stumped. I can easily add data to my db when I&#039m working from a single form, but when I break the data down into multiple forms, I don&#039t seem to capture it properly. Should each form that I use have an .asp extension, or can they be .html? I&#039m trying to use .html forms that call a final .asp to thank the user for the info. On pages 2 and 3, I&#039ve got hidden fieldss that (attempt to) grab info, but they don&#039t seem to do the trick. Any assistance that you kind folks could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Rob Guest

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    I am not sure why you have hidden forms on pages 2 and 3 to catch data from form 1. Unless you are passing them to more pages. Look at these and see if they help<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Marie Guest

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    I&#039m basing my code on the example shown at:<BR><BR><BR>What I&#039m trying to do is collect form data in hidden fields on page1, page2, page3, and then on page4, I want to add the collected data to the database (using .addnew) and thank the user (using &#060;%=RecSet("ClientFirst")%&#062;) personally for the information. Not only is the data not collecting from page to page, I get errors on pages 2 and 3 if I don&#039t declare the field variable names before the form fills them. I also get a type mismatch error for a date field that works fine (with identical code) when I use a single form/page to gather that same information. Help! Thanks!

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