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    Can anyone help me. I am submitting the form information to an email-id. I want an auto-responder or confirm receipt to be sent to the user who filled my feedback form.<BR>Thanks<BR>my email-id

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    several ways to do it depending on how involved you want to get:<BR><BR>1) if you have control of the mail server, maybe your software allows auto replies with no programming at all!<BR><BR>2) If you are talking straight HTML, you could use a CGI script to autorespond. There are plenty of CGI scripts like this available provided your ISP will install them.<BR><BR>3) If you are saying you want to use ASP to send the email, Again your ISP will have to support an email component such as CDONTS or similar for you to us in your ASP script. In this case have a look at the articles in 4-guys... there is heaps on emailing from ASP.<BR><BR>hope that helps. <BR><BR>sorry it is a bit vague... although you are posting in an ASP forum your question kind of sounds like you are using straight HTML to me. If you post some specifics maybe I can give more detailed respnse

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