I&#039ve been playing with ASP for a few weeks now and I&#039ve got a bit of a<BR>problem. Basically, I&#039ve been using a script to insert HTML into a cell of<BR>a table on a template page. Bit like using frames, the menubar, graphics<BR>etc. stay the same and the script takes the path in the querystring and<BR>reads the relevant html/text file into the cell. It works quite well<BR>however, It runs into problems if I want to use another script instead of<BR>HTML, in this case a content linker based index page. Am I overcomplicating<BR>the matter, I want to use scripts so that the only thing I have to change<BR>are plain HTML and I&#039d rather not use frames if possible. Sorry I can&#039t<BR>post a URL, but the server I use doesn&#039t support ASP, so I&#039m running it off<BR>PWS on my desktop. Any opinions welcomed<BR>