Help me with this problem in Sessions, please !!!

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Thread: Help me with this problem in Sessions, please !!!

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    Default Help me with this problem in Sessions, please !!!

    &nbsp;<BR> In a certain page i need to concat all the sessions that are available at that moment, i&#039ve used another session variable to concat them, and it worked but the problem was when i log-in another user at another time the previuos value is still available, and i can not assign this variable to null because when i do there will be only one user in this session who was the last one in logging-in even if there were alot of users at that moment <BR><BR>can the solution be by using the globol.asa file in the session on_start precedure and if it is how can i use this file ?!!

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    Default session querystrings

    not sure if I can answer that, I&#039m too tired.<BR><BR>but I&#039ve just developed a mega-cool session based system that stores the users unique session id, userid, ip & expiry time in a database. It&#039s beautiful and very secure and flexible.<BR><BR>it doesn&#039t use the default session("whatever") command but instead uses the querystring to pass the unique session id - it&#039s very nice.<BR><BR>The time expiry is great for setting limits for no activity and logging them out and access to personal data is only allowed by a unique IP.<BR><BR>You can play with the data and create all manner of results - such as "who&#039s online?" and "where are they?"....<BR><BR>my point is that you need not opt for the SESSION command as they&#039re are plenty of very powerful though complicated alternatives.<BR><BR>

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