What can Request.BinaryRead be used for?

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Thread: What can Request.BinaryRead be used for?

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    Default What can Request.BinaryRead be used for?

    I am curious as to some potential usages that the method <BR><BR>varArray = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes) <BR><BR>could be used for? It exists I assume for a purpose but have yet to see it used...<BR><BR>Particularly, is it possible that this could be used to recieve multipart/form-data? hmm...<BR><BR>Thanks much, look forward to some insight :)<BR><BR>John

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    Yes, that&#039s exactly what it gets used for. You can then do something to the effect of a:<BR><BR>chr(ascB(midB(inBin, 1)))<BR><BR>in a loop to get the ASCII value of what it is you just .binaryRead.<BR><BR>Be warned, however, that the reason there are lots of file uploading components is because this method is not *entirely* reliable, especially in ultra-compacted and optimized COM+ VB components -- I think there&#039s a hole in the compiler somewhere.<BR><BR>Anyway... It&#039s still good to play around with so you know what it looks like. www.dougdean.com has more.

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