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    I have an application that I am developing that requires dynamic creation of ODBC datasources. It is full ASP and Access (Perhaps SQL if need be). I will have an html form that requests what the user would like to name the datasource. Then, when they hit submit, it sould run the asp code to create the datasource, and copy all of the code that will house their custom site options to a folder with the same name as the dsn. I have done this in Coldfusion, and though I just picked up ASP, I would assume that it can be done in it as well. I just need someone to please point me to a good web reference, or book that I can find the functions that I need. Thanks for any help possible. -K

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    Yes, I too need to have this problem resolved...<BR>Can someone please give me some insight???<BR>Thanks,<BR>Ken

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