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    vadla Guest

    Default submit

    After entering details in table ,how to submit in the database.

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    ASP 101 Guest

    Default Learning ASP the *very* hard and long way...

    &nbsp;<BR>If you are going to try to learn ASP by asking hundreds of little tiny beginning questions like this, it will take you *years*!<BR><BR>Why not go to and read the "lessons" there? Start with either the "Beginner&#039s Lessons" or with the lessons about basic HTML and forms.<BR><BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

    Default RE: Learning ASP the *very* hard and long way...

    agreed.<BR><BR>there are plenty of resources and tutorials available for all manner of applications. You&#039ve just got to look!!!!<BR>Asking without having looked or attempted to have resolved the issue yourself will undoubtedly get such responses.<BR><BR>It&#039s crap I know and it would be great if someone was on hand 24hrs a day to solve every little simple question, but in just 2 mins, quicker than writing the posting, you could find out the answer yourself.<BR><BR>I personally leave the "simple" beginner requests alone and shake my head, because the answers are already there, if you look.<BR><BR>perhaps 4Guys should make it clearer about the availabilty of such resources as posting seems to be the first line of action.<BR>

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