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    Rene Guest

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    I am having trouble getting results from my Query using ASP. If I use SQL plus the results come back. If I use my oracle ADO connection I get no records. If I change my query to only pull from one table I get results. I have no idea why this would be happening.<BR>Here is the Query:<BR>SELECT T1.NAME, T1.LOC, T1.ROW_ID, T1.ROW_ID, T2.ATTRIB_25 FROM S_ORG_EXT T1, S_ORG_EXT_X T2 WHERE T1.ROW_ID = T2.PAR_ROW_ID AND T1.ROW_ID = &#039 1-MJ5&#039<BR><BR>(SOUNDS SIMPLE BUT IT DOES NOT RUN....)

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    Rene Guest

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    The problem was not with the join it was actually with one of the fields. Attrib_25 is an integer and if I did not convert it to a string my result set would come back blank.<BR><BR>It does not make sense to me, but at leat I know what the problem was....

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