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    We had a big application which contained Classic Asp, many VB6 com components and sql server 2005. It worked without any problems. we decided to migrate our vb6 com components to .NET components (ServicedComponents) (just vb6 components not the classic ASP). It went well without any big problems besides some little code changing, and we tested it in our test environment. but now in production which number of users are more than 80 persons always, we get problems. Sometimes it generates "out of memery exceptions" and system hangs, and sometimes it just crashes without any error messages. We used differnent debugging tools but no success, we cann't find out where in the code it leaks memory or crashes.
    we solved our problem very badly(uggly) and it was so, under properties -> pooling tab we increased pool size to 4 and memory limit to 400 Mb and Expiration timeout to 1 minute. now when a pool gets memory problem and memory increases to 400MB it stops and after one menut it begins to be collected and new pool starts to take over.
    Our system works but it is not good solution.
    what is the problem why the system gets memory problem and why it crashes and what is the solution?
    thank you very much.

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    Maybe you're not cleaning up your unmanaged resources? Can't really help without seeing code and debugging output. windbg and sos are probably going to be your best friends when it comes to figuring this one out.

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