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    After my asp page pulls info from the database, it uses one of the values to then check for the existance of another file (with a similer name). If the file exists, it spits out a link to that file. Is there a way to keep the name of that file hidden and not show up at the end of the path in the location box?

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    Well, depending on how your database is structured, you might be able to. If your database contains a table with the names of the hidden web pages, you could set the link up to reference the database for the name of the file. (ie: your location path would read: www.yourdomain.com/hidepage.asp?page=8 and then the database would open the page associated with 8.)<BR><BR>Don&#039t ask me how to code it, but I&#039m relatively sure it would work.

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    Default I thought it was a bug...

    Well, if what you link to does a server.transfer (IIS 5.0), the URL and all .serverVariables will still think you&#039re on the page from whence you came. Afaic, it&#039s a bug when the sever can&#039t ask itself where it thinks it is, but it sounds like the sort of "functionality" you&#039re looking for.<BR><BR>&#060;% select case request.queryString("link")<BR> case 5<BR> server.transfer "hidden.file"<BR> end select %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;a href="&#060;%= request.serverVariables("URL") %&#062;?link=5"&#062;

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