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    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out with something which is probably very simple to you.<BR><BR>I have a database made with access and i have a homepage and know how to display the records from a table in a database.<BR><BR>Now what i want to know is this:<BR>I have a bunch of links on the left hand side of my page. I want each link to open up a table and display the set of records from the table.<BR><BR>Example: <BR>Let&#039s say I have a link called "Sticks". If i click on "sticks" the link should display all the records from the "sticks" table on the same page.<BR><BR>So what i&#039d like to know is, what is the html link i need to use to connect to the database to display the records. Should i be doing it that way? or is there a better way?<BR><BR>I would appreciate any help.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Rick

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    Rick, I&#039m trying to do what you said you&#039ve allready done. I cant get anything to work and am not finding much help here.

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